16 Things You Need To Know About Owning A Basset Hound

A basset hound should best be kept in a house with a small garden, but it should definitely be given plenty of daily exercises. Also, since these dogs are very affectionate, they shouldn’t be left alone at home for hours (which is true for most dogs!). They need employment and are most comfortable with their families. In addition, they also like to explore their limits and show that they have a will of their own. Masters or mistresses should therefore be able to take action – even if the hunting instinct shows up on walks. Experience in dealing with dogs is therefore desirable and recommended.

#1 Different sources name both France and Great Britain as the country of origin.

It is believed to be descended from the French "Basset d'Artois" (today: Basset Artésien Normand), so the dogs that are listed as a British breed by the FCI are actually of French origin. The breed first gained notoriety at a dog show in Paris in 1963.

#2 In 1866, the first hunting pack was assembled in France and systematic breeding began.

Originally, the basset hound was used to track down rabbits and similar small animals. Incidentally, the short-legged dog got its name from the French word “bas”, which means something like “low”.

#3 In 1874, France exported the first breed to England, where the dogs were first crossed with the Beagle and later also with the Bloodhound.

This is how the Basset Hound got its typical appearance, which is known today. Finally, in 1880, the Basset Hound was recognized by the British Kennel Club.

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