18 Things You Need To Know About Owning A Pug

The pug originally comes from the Chinese Empire and was reserved for the rulers of the empire for a long time. Today he is an internationally valued companion and companion dog, which unfortunately often has to struggle with some health problems.

#1 Nowadays you can hardly leave the house without running into a pug, because the small dogs have become a real trend.

They are one of the most controversial dog breeds at the moment: Hardly any other breed is so popular and so controversial at the same time.

#2 Although many people are now aware of the breed’s various health problems, their popularity is unfortunately not diminishing.

#3 Many Pug lovers just don’t want to admit how sick this breed is. Therefore we would like to expressly point this out again.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

Hello, I'm Mary! I've cared for many pet species including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, and bearded dragons. I also have ten pets of my own currently. I've written many topics in this space including how-tos, informational articles, care guides, breed guides, and more.

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