16 Things You Need To Know About Owning A Yorkie

During a walk, all sorts of small brushwood can accumulate in the terrier’s long hair. For this reason, regular grooming is necessary. Brushing and fur cleaning should be part of the daily routine when going into the forest. However, the cleaning of the coat should not be done with shampoos or other detergents. They impair the natural functions of the skin and promote the development of skin irritations and allergies. In order to carefully trim the fur, the pet owner should use clippers or scissors.

#1 Many dog breeds shed their fur in autumn and spring. This is not the case with the Yorkshire Terrier.

The animal doesn't shed either. However, if hair loss occurs, it can be a symptom of a possible disease or allergy.

#2 The Yorkshire Terrier is known as a city dog.

He likes to spend time in bicycle baskets from which he can see the world.

#3 More often he may be seen in the arms of his loved ones. If it is uncomfortable and cold outside, the dog bed is not the worst alternative.

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