Body Language: This is What Your Budgie Wants to Tell You

They chirp beep, jerk their head forward, and to the side: Budgerigars use many opportunities to communicate with their conspecifics and people. Only those who understand their body language can build trust and a close bond in the long term. So that the animals do not fall silent and further develop their social skills, it is very important that they are never kept alone, but at least as a couple. Then you can perhaps notice the following behavior – and also interpret it in the future.

This Will Make Your Budgie Feel Safe

Budgies, which are not afraid but rather relaxed, devote themselves extensively to their plumage care. To do this, they use their claws and beak. Budgies scratch their feet, and sometimes they rub their heads against the bars. In the end, you shake yourself thoroughly – either to get the dust out of the feather or to dry the wings after bathing. Either way: budgies that clean themselves feel good.

Relaxed Birds Grind Their Beaks

Some people grind their teeth while sleeping – your budgies, on the other hand, grind their beaks. This is the sign that you are completely relaxed and about to fall asleep. On the other hand, you will discover the perfect sleeping position when your darling buries its beak in the feathers of the back and a leg in the feathers on the stomach. Don’t be alarmed: there are even budgies that lie down to sleep. If several budgies live together, chirping before going to sleep is a good thing. When the budgie wakes up, its behavior resembles that of humans: First of all, it is extensively stretched and stretched.

If You are Afraid, You Make Yourself Big

Budgies that are under stress or fear adopt a very tense posture. The body is made very long and the budgie crouches down. The birds often look up to explore escape routes or run excitedly back and forth. In addition, the budgies’ pupils are very much smaller and the singing ceases. Some birds really start to tremble with fear.

Fluffing Can Be for Many Reasons

As a rule, a puffed-up budgie just means they want to warm up. The air that collects between the springs isolates them. But it can also be a sign of illness. Should your darling puff themselves up permanently and crouch on both feet, take them to the vet quickly. If budgies, on the other hand, raise their wings, then they usually want to intimidate or impress a conspecific. In summer, however, putting the wings off can also have a purely practical benefit: Budgerigars have no sweat glands – with their wings spread out it is a little cooler.

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