12 Things You Need To Know About Owning A Duck Tolling Retriever

According to the breed standard, the dogs are not considered fully grown until they are 18 months old. Then males have reached a shoulder height of 48-51 centimeters with a weight of 20-23 kilograms, bitches are slightly smaller (45-48 cm) and lighter (17-20 kg). So they belong to medium-sized dog breeds.

The compact, powerful body shows harmonious proportions with a broad, wedge-shaped head whose medium-sized floppy ears are set far back on the skull, a muscular neck, a straight back, and a long, thick hairy tail. On the paws, the skin between the toes acts like webs, giving the dog excellent support in the water. The pretty, almond-shaped eyes are amber to brown in color and display an alert and intelligent gaze when it comes to working. In contrast, according to the breed standard, many Tollers appear almost sad when not occupied, and their appearance only changes to “intense concentration and excitement” when asked to be active.

#1 Is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever a family pet?

The Toller, as this breed is also called, needs a lot of exercise and activity - if you can offer it that, then it is an absolutely loyal and playful family dog.

#2 The medium-length, water-repellent coat consists of two layers with a soft, slightly wavy top coat and an even softer undercoat and reliably protects the dog even in ice-cold water.

On the hind legs, the ears, and especially on the tail, the hair is significantly longer and forms a pronounced feathering.

#3 One of the most striking features of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is its color: the coat varies in shade from red to orange, and white markings on the paws, chest, tip of the tail and face are usually added in the form of a blaze.

But even the complete absence of these white markings is tolerated if the dog otherwise corresponds to the ideal image of the breed. Nose leather, lips, and eye rims are either reddish or black to match the coat color.

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