19 Amazing Facts About Basset Hounds You Might Not Know

The Basset Hound – also known simply as Basset Hound – is probably known to most people as “Hush Puppy”, the trademark of the shoe brand of the same name. Many viewers also know him from the TV series “Columbo”, where he appeared as Columbo’s pet – called “Dog”. Literature lovers know that the most famous description of a basset hound can already be found in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

From a visual point of view, this short-legged, but therefore all the longer dog is certainly a question of taste. And, as is well known, one can argue about taste.

#1 Its short little legs already give you an idea: the basset hound is certainly not a nimble runner.

#2 The dog was particularly suitable as a scent hound, tracking down game that had been shot in undergrowth that was difficult to access.

#3 In the past it was used to hunt hares and rabbits in packs, but today it serves more as a four-legged companion in the family.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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