19 Amazing Facts About Pugs You Might Not Know

Despite their small size, the dogs are suitable as loyal companions, even for longer distances. Owners should make sure to get enough rest breaks to allow the dog to relax and regain strength.

Another way to keep the dog busy is through dog sports. Agility and search games in particular are tailored to the pug and inspire both dog and owner. There are now some dog schools that offer smaller groups exclusively with pugs. Various exercises and games with the four-legged friends are carried out there. In addition, the dogs are involved in various tasks and educational games, which promote mental utilization.

The walks together can be used wonderfully as training units, as the owner and dog can concentrate on each other without being distracted. Basic commands can be practiced over and over again and supported with tasty treats.

#1 The pug has a strong character.

This was taught to dogs over many centuries and can still be observed today.

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Written by Mary Allen

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