16 Amazing Facts About Basenjis You Might Not Know

Basenji dog breed is familiar to mankind for more than six thousand years. This is confirmed by archaeological finds. Numerous artifacts were found during the study of ancient Egyptian tombs. Various figurines, drawings, and caskets with the image of dogs are direct evidence of the close connection between man, that time, and the aristocratic, elegant dog.

#1 Mummified remains belonging to the pharaoh’s pet were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Research has shown that the bodies belonged to a non-barking African dog, whose place of origin is believed to be Central Africa. The animals rested in luxurious fabrics, with jeweled collars around their necks.

#2 Native tribes in the Congo, Liberia, and Sudan actively used the flair of these unusual beasts for hunting.

For many years there has been an ongoing debate as to what accounts for the breed's uniqueness in the loss of the ability to make barking noises.

#3 It is believed that the “leaping up and down” (the name used by native tribes to designate the breed) were brought as a gift to the Egyptians.

The inhabitants of the land of the pyramids, with deep respect for the unusual animals, consider them protectors from the dark forces. Pets were revered until the fall of the ancient Greek civilization.

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