18 Basenji Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

African Basenji dogs are considered unique and have many interesting features. The uniqueness of pets is manifested in their…inability to bark, sounds, of course, quite strange, but it is actually true. Among other things, the represented variety has another, more interesting ability – to laugh, rather make sounds that are very similar to human laughter, and it happens only during the time when the pets feel happy.

#1 Basenjis are extremely mobile and will try to climb higher both in the house and outdoors.

Therefore, when picking up a puppy, you should immediately forbid him to do so. Otherwise, the owner risks sleeping in the same bed with the dog.

#2 Short and dense basenji hair needs regular combing. Do not wash the dog, it is afraid of water. For walks in severe frosts, you can buy clothes.

#3 Eye discharges should be cleaned gently with a cotton pad, ears should be cleaned with a cotton swab and nails should be clipped periodically. Treat your dog regularly for fleas and ticks, and buy him a special collar.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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