16 Chihuahua Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

The Chihuahua is suitable for young and old alike. He’ll love being the center of a family, but he’ll be happy with single people as well. The main thing is that his owners let him be part of the party everywhere and pay him a lot of attention.

If you want a trainable and very playful dog, the Chihuahua is the right choice. Not to be underestimated are his level of activity and his liveliness. The Chihuahua should only be carried around in a crowd or for its own protection in the arm or in a bag. Otherwise, the smallest breed in the world is in no way inferior to its larger conspecifics. The Chihuahua wants to run and exercise!

#1 If you only want to have the little dog as a decoration, you should rather buy a stuffed animal.

A Chi is brave like a big one and often tends to be protective of their family or significant others. He also learns tricks and tricks quickly and enthusiastically. It is even suitable for many branches of dog sports.

#2 Beginners will find a great companion in the Chihuahua.

The breed is considered to be suitable for beginners, which of course does not mean that a representative of the breed can educate itself. If you don't have any experience with dogs, you should definitely take your Chihuahua to a dog school.

#3 A yard would be great, of course, but the breed’s compact size makes them feel at home in an apartment.

It doesn't matter that much if there is an elevator or not, as long as the owners are able to carry the delicate four-legged friend up and down the stairs.

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