16 Interesting Things to Know About Chihuahuas

He is often smiled at as half a portion. But when you get to know a Chihuahua, you are often amazed at how much temperament and pluck such a small dog can have. A shy, fearful Chi is fairly rare, although it is said that the shorthaired Chis are said to be more dashing and spunky than the slightly more docile longhaired variety.

#1 The Chihuahua loves its owner more than anything and defends him and his belongings with all his might of his two and a half kilos live weight.

#2 He is often reserved or suspicious of strangers.

Do not touch a strange Chihuahua without the express permission of its owner. Even if he can't hurt anyone seriously, he has to be trained and controlled to the extent that he doesn't bother other people or even endanger himself by barking incessantly or roaming around too independently.

#3 Chihuahuas are quite intelligent and eager to learn.

With the appropriate adjustment to its body dimensions, you can even do dog sports such as agility and obedience with it!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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