14 Boxer Dog Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

The dog breed is medium-sized and powerfully built. Although stocky, the German boxer is agile and active at the same time. His physique is also characterized by strong bones and a broad muzzle. A special feature is an underbite: the boxer’s lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw.

The animal has short, smooth, easy-care fur with a yellow base color that varies from light yellow to dark deer red. If the hair is electrified, the darker color runs visibly towards the ribs. White markings can occur, but are only allowed up to a third of the body surface. Yellow boxers have a black mask. Variants of the dog breed that are not “FCI”-compliant are white and piebald and black.

The docking – i.e. the operational reduction – of ears and tails is now forbidden in almost all European countries. According to the Animal Welfare Act in Germany, boxers’ ears have not been docked since 1986 and their tails have not been docked since 1998. If you come across docked animals in this country, they usually come from abroad.

#1 The Boxer is described as a “hearing” watchdog, meaning it is alert and alert.

When he's not clowning for you, he's dignified and confident. With children, he is playful and patient. Strangers are greeted with suspicion, but he is polite to friendly people.

#2 He is only aggressive when he has to defend his family and home.

His temperament is influenced by a variety of factors including heredity, training and socialization. Puppies with a good temperament are curious and playful, and like to approach and be held by people.

#3 Choose a temperate pup who will not beat up his siblings or hide in the corner.

Always make the acquaintance of at least one parent dog - usually the mother - to ensure they have a good temperament that you are comfortable with. Meeting the parents' siblings and other family members can also be helpful in determining what your puppy will be like when they grow up.

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