19 Amazing Facts About Chihuahuas You Might Not Know

Since Chihuahuas are very sensitive and fragile puppies, they are less suitable for a household with small children.

As a rule, a Chihuahua purchase is recommended when the children are six years old and older. At this age, a more careful, understanding of the handling of animals is given.

Chihuahuas are strongly influenced by their caregiver. Any jealousy towards other animals and people can be mitigated with good socialization and training.

Due to its friendly, good-natured nature, however, it is wonderfully suited as a family dog. Since dogs love to play, older children can spend a lot of time with them.

#1 Chihuahuas can be reserved around strangers. Choose a puppy that was born naturally and raised in a home with a lot of human interaction.

#2 Chihuahuas are not the best dog breed choice if you have young children.

Chihuahuas are fragile and a toddler could injure the dog while playing. Most breeders will not sell puppies to places with children under the age of eight.

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