17 Amazing Facts About Yorkies You Might Not Know

Basically, the watchful Yorkie thinks he is much bigger than he is, which is why he always tries to take over the leadership of the pack. Early training of the watchful dog is therefore elementary in order not to let its spirited nature turn into aggressiveness. Therefore, try to show the puppy rules consistently and lovingly.

#1 The Yorkshire Terrier tends to suffer from weakness in the suspensory system of the lens of the eye.

This is genetic and can lead to lens displacement and secondary glaucoma. Misbreeding in favor of a smaller size can also suffer from joint and teeth problems.

#2 A detailed examination of the breeder and his animals is therefore expressly recommended.

In terms of diet, the animal should get a small amount of raw or undercooked meat daily and an extra portion of calcium during the growth phase. As for feeding times, you can initially keep your puppy at the breeder's rhythm. Always provide your dog with water.

#3 What is the life expectancy of a Yorkie dog?

Despite their comfort indoors though, Yorkies are active dogs and still need at least a daily walk. Yorkshire Terriers are not big shedders but their silky coats do need regular brushing and grooming. The Yorkie is a generally healthy breed with an average lifespan of 13-15 years.

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