16 Amazing Facts About Boxer Dogs You Might Not Know

The German Boxer has very different sides: He is a sensitive four-legged friend who is very patient, especially when dealing with children. But he challenges his owners equally: The muscular body of the dog needs a lot of exercise and training. This breed of dog is therefore less suitable for beginners. It requires experienced dog owners who put dogs in their place with loving severity.

#1 Although large, boxers are not “outdoor dogs”. Their short nose and short coat make them uncomfortable in hot or cold weather; they must be kept as house dogs.

#3 What are the downsides of boxers?

Don't tolerate extreme weather. Boxers can be fair weather dogs and don't do well in extreme heat or extreme cold.

Prone to skin issues and allergies. Boxers can be prone to allergies and skin issues.

Need proper training and socialization.

Require a lot of exercise.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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