17 Amazing Facts About Bolognese Dogs You Might Not Know

Since the beginning of its existence, the Bolognese has been trained to be a companion to humans, so it has been a companion dog for thousands of years. That’s why he shows himself to be particularly affectionate and people-related.

#1 Bolognese are not aggressive and present themselves as balanced, calm creatures that still don’t neglect their temperament.

This is expressed above all in the dog's willingness to play, although they should not be overactive.

#2 Bolognese are very adaptable and learn quickly, which is why they are particularly suitable for inexperienced dog lovers. They are characterized by curiosity and cleverness.

#3 Their cheerful nature and love of cuddling make Bolognese ideal family dogs, especially since no problems with children are to be expected, but babies and small children in particular should never be left alone with the joyful and loving Bolognese.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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