14 Boxer Dog Facts That May Surprise You

The boxer is and has never been a fashion dog, but has its fans who remain staunchly loyal to it. There are very rarely even boxers with an unpleasant character, mostly they are enthusiastic people lovers. Mostly they just sparkle with joie de vivre, there are hardly any anxious boxers.

Compared to the animals from the beginning of the history of breeding, today’s Boxers are somewhat more sensitive and also have a more streamlined appearance. A problem that one faces more often, especially with male dogs, is their willingness to fight.

#1 A Boxer who has not been trained in this respect does not avoid a fight and this can turn a walk in an area with many dogs into a gauntlet.

For this reason, too, it is very important to attend a solid obedience course with the Boxer and to let him have as many positive experiences as possible with other dogs during his puppy and young dog days.

#2 A boxer can develop enormous strength, so it’s always better to have him under control not only physically but also mentally!

#3 Boxers have a fine, thin coat: they are quite sensitive to temperature and should not be kept exclusively outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are some malaise that Boxers suffer from more often than other breeds: These include certain cardiovascular diseases, spinal fusion and also tumors.

Mary Allen

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