15 Amazing Facts About Yorkies You Might Not Know

Dog connoisseurs describe the little dog as robust and self-confident. The potential dog owner should not underestimate the rather small stature of the shaggy-looking four-legged friend. If this dog breed is untrained, the bold appearance often wins. The owner quickly forgives the terrier’s often extremely perceived overconfidence. This is because of the cute appearance. In addition, the animal likes to be pampered. Today he doesn’t function as a hunting dog. The return to the lap dog is more in line with reality.

#1 The playful behavior is particularly easy to observe when the little one knows that it is in the protected environment of its mistress or master.

#2 The strength of the small body seems irrefutable. Large dogs are often the target of the somewhat belligerent show-off.

#3 In addition to the boastful dog muzzle, the Yorshire Terrier has a lot of intelligence. He knows how to use it well to get what he wants.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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