19 Basset Hound Facts So Interesting You’ll Say, “OMG!”

Despite its good nature, the basset hound is a very stubborn, not to say stubborn dog, which makes dog training difficult. You won’t get very far with him with drills, rather you should use his playfulness and intelligence to train him. The best way to get rid of this trainable but also very gluttonous dog is to lure him with treats. Although stingy and quite “cool” in appearance, Bassets are very affectionate and affectionate, they are very social dogs and love to be with “their” family, so being alone is not their thing.

#1 This dog is definitely not fast, but you shouldn’t forget that the basset hound is a hunting dog during daily exercise.

His thing is long, rather leisurely walks, during which he can sniff around as he pleases. Due to his physique, he is by no means suitable as a sports companion dog or for dog sports.

#2 Grooming the Basset Hound is completely unproblematic.

However, the sensitive, drooping ears in particular should be checked regularly, as they are prone to chronic ear infections. Eye infections are also more common.

#3 Because of its long back, short legs and being overweight, the basset hound tends to have disc problems. Elbow dysplasia is also not uncommon in this breed of dog.

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