17 Problems Only Basset Hound Owners Understand

The Basset Hound is considered a laid-back and friendly dog whose lovers appreciate his loving and affectionate nature. Despite their rather sluggish appearance, bassets are cheerful, courageous, and reliable dogs with a pronounced love of movement. Due to his affectionate and loving nature, he is also an ideal family dog, which is very sociable with children.

#1 The Basset Hound is not aggressive, but tends to have a well-known stubbornness that cannot be trained.

#2 Since this dog has a very keen sense of smell and can therefore smell other animals from a great distance, owners should also be vigilant.

#3 Especially in wooded areas, it often happens that a basset follows its instinct and runs after game or follows tracks from which it is difficult to dissuade.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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