18 Problems Only Pug Owners Understand

The pug divides opinions like hardly any other breed of dog: For some, it is the cutest dog in the world, and for others, it represents the worst consequences of selective breeding. One thing is certain, however: the pug is a much-loved, trusting companion who deserves a long, healthy life – and because of that, needs to change.

#1 The pug is a real personality.

But not only the controversial appearance, but also their pleasant behavior makes this breed of dogs unique. Nevertheless, the way we deal with the “trend dog” has to change.

#2 Little is known about the exact historical origins of the pug, but what is certain is that it originally came from Asia, probably from the then Chinese Empire.

Dogs with blunt noses had always been popular there. Pugs enjoyed a high cultural status at that time. Because they were kept by the imperial family and were supposedly only allowed to be touched by them.

#3 In the 16th century, traders from the Dutch East India Company brought the dog to Europe, where it was particularly popular with aristocratic ladies as a lap dog.

Numerous artists, including Francisco de Goya and William Hogarth, depicted pugs in their paintings, which also preserved their historical body shape. Later, the Pekingese supplanted the pug as the women's favorite dog. It was not until 1877 that the first completely black pair of Pugs came to Europe, until then only the light-colored variant had been known.

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