21 Things Only Pug Lovers Will Understand

Due to their short, close-fitting fur, they require little grooming. That doesn’t mean it should be neglected. The additional strokes with the brush are not only pleasant – they help to improve blood circulation, among other things.

If you have decided to adopt a pug or even a puppy, then you should consider buying from a verified pug breeder. Papers, vaccination cards, and possibly even a health check are said to have already been carried out. Let them show you the parents and their health certificates. Pug breeds “with a nose” tend to be the better choice! does this include the retro pug or the old German pug?

Getting pet health insurance could definitely be a good investment with this type of breed! However, you have to make sure that all interventions are taken over. Because “breed-specific” diseases such as soft palate shortening or the like are not covered by some well-known insurance companies.

#1 Pugs, like the American, English and French bulldogs or Chihuahuas, etc. to the so-called flat noses, short snouts or, more correctly, short heads (brachycephalic breeds).

#3 Because when the so-called brachycephaly syndrome is severe, breathing problems occur, which can even lead to collapse, especially in warm temperatures.

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