16 Things Only Yorkie Lovers Will Understand

The dog is very stubborn and has a very strong personality. Purchasing this breed of dog can be disadvantageous for beginners because they may lack experience in strictly training a dog. In addition to the nature and character of the dog, the dog owner must also reckon with the possible occurrence of typical diseases. In this regard, you should plan ahead. Veterinary care should be guaranteed in every situation of the dog.

#1 Is the Yorkshire Terrier a barker?

With faulty and inconsistent human training, the Yorkie can develop into a barking dog. This need not be. If the education is successful, the dog will not bark excessively.

#2 The Yorkshire Terrier often likes to be a lap dog.

With an active mistress or master he is not. This also applies when the animal's environment is not marked by land and nature, but by the city and sidewalks.

#3 If the dog owner offers the animal the opportunity to let off steam, the Yorkshire Terrier is only too happy to accept the offer.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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