15 Things Only Pug Lovers Will Understand

As natural companions, pugs are very even-tempered, cheerful, and lively. They have a lot of charm, intelligence, and self-confidence. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to them not being able to correctly assess other dogs’ aggressive behavior towards them and getting into trouble with other dogs. Basically, however, they are very social and good-natured animals that can also be kept together with other animals without any problems.

When not afflicted with brachycephaly, Pugs actually enjoy outdoor exercise and dog sports. Because if you let this dog lounge around too much and feed him too many treats, he can quickly become overweight.

#1 The physique of the pug is square and stocky, the musculature should be hard and taut.

Since he has a strong tendency to become overweight, a balanced diet and close observation of body proportions are essential. Because they combine a lot of mass in a small space, weight gain can often be insidious.

#2 The nose and eyelids are usually pigmented black.

Two variants are allowed for the ears: the rose ear (small, falling ear, folded to the side and back) and the button ear (ear leather falls to the front). The high-set tail is curled tightly over the hips, but must not twist twice!

#3 The Pug’s coat is fine, smooth, short and shiny.

Approved color combinations include silver, apricot, or light fawn with a dark dorsal stripe and mask, and pure black. The markings must be clearly defined and as dark as possible.

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Written by Mary Allen

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