15 Interesting Things Only Boxer Dog Lovers Will Understand

If kept appropriately, the German Boxer has a life expectancy of 10-13 years. If you decide on this dog breed, but do not want to adopt a dog from the animal shelter, you can find out more from the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) or the Boxer-Klub e. V. a reputable breeder where you can buy your boxer puppy. This is how you avoid getting a boxer with diseases from overbreeding. Some animals, for example, suffer from shortness of breath due to their breed due to their short head (the technical term for this is called “brachycephaly”). In addition, the actually robust Boxer tends to hip dysplasia (HD). This hereditary misalignment of the hip bones can not only cause him severe pain, but also himself also limit their mobility.

#1 Spondylosis, an incurable disease of the spine, is also one of the diseases typical of the breed. Symptoms such as stiffness, pain or immobility can increasingly reduce his quality of life.

The heart disease "dilated cardiomyopathy", which limits his performance, also affects the boxer quite frequently.

Like most medium-sized dogs, the German Boxer is prone to gastric torsion. In this disease, the stomach rotates on its own axis, which can be life-threatening.

In addition, this breed is somewhat more susceptible to tumor diseases.

#2 The German Boxer has a short, harsh coat that lies close to the body. It is therefore sufficient if you brush him occasionally to remove loose hair. Since he freezes quickly because of his thin coat, you can put a dog coat on him in cold weather.

#3 Drooling is common in most dogs of this type and can vary in severity from animal to animal. You can easily wipe off the slobber threads with a cloth.

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