16 Things Only Pug Lovers Will Understand

When you think of the pug, you usually only have the image of a small, fat dog with big protruding eyes in mind. But he is often underestimated because he is very family-friendly and fixated on his people. He would love to share everything with his owners. Nevertheless, limits should be set and attention should be paid to good socialization with other dogs. Otherwise, the pug can react fearfully and stressed to conspecifics.

#1 Everyone wants a friend who will make you laugh, who is lively and charming, and who is also intelligent.

Since the pug has all these character traits, it is also particularly popular. It is also very senior and child-friendly, which of course increases its popularity.

#2 In addition to affection and attention, the little fur nose needs demanding care.

The fur of the little four-legged friend should be brushed regularly, as the pug tends to shed hair. I brush fries once a week and almost every day when the coat is about to change.

#3 Since the little pug has a very wrinkled face, it requires a lot of care.

Keeping the skin folds clean is extremely important, these should be cleaned and wiped daily, otherwise fungi and infections can develop. It is best to get the pug used to this procedure when it is a puppy.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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