18 Essential Things to Know Before Getting a Boxer Dog

The Boxer is one of the recognized service dog breeds. Before firearms were used, strong dogs held the game when hunting boars and bears. Wide-mouthed dogs with protruding lower jaw could bite down hard and still breathe.

These sow or bear packers were good guard dogs and were used to bite the bulls. In the 18th century, fighting dogs were no longer used for hunting and animal fights were forbidden. The dog survived with butchers and cattle dealers. The name Boxer appeared for the first time in 1860, and pure breeding began in Munich around this time.

The boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds today, the marketing of which brought with it character and health problems that are consistently combated by the recognized breed clubs.

The friendly, charming family dog is an incorruptible protector when needed, who never barks unnecessarily. He is absolutely reliable with children, always ready to play, and never resentful. With loving consistency, he can be brought up well, but occasionally tries to get his way with friendly stubbornness. You can put him in his place with certainty, without unnecessary harshness, but the expressive boxer face often defeats the best intentions!

Anyone who knows how to motivate the boxer will achieve top performance in dog sports with him. The spirited dog needs exercise and activity, the short hair is easy to care for. He is sensitive to heat and cold.

#1 What do boxers like?

The German boxer needs a lot of exercise, loves long walks as well as jogging, hiking, or being accompanied by a cyclist. In addition, the Boxer is an extremely playful dog: Even at an advanced age, he is enthusiastic about balls, squeaky toys, and, above all, tugs.

#2 Are boxers nice dogs?

The boxer looks a little scary with his powerful build and confident demeanor. However, anyone who deals with this great dog breed will quickly recognize that the medium-sized dog is a very loving, child-friendly and loyal fur nose.

#3 Are boxers barkers?

He is not a barker, but basically only barks when there is a good reason. He loves his family. He is very open and friendly towards children. He is the ideal family dog!

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