12 Things Only Patterdale Terrier Lovers Will Understand

Thanks to its pronounced hunting instinct, it does not make sense to keep cats, small animals, or birds in the same household. They would always trigger that instinct. This also means that he always has to stay on a leash on walks. If he picked up a scent, he would follow it immediately without being on a leash. Since independent work is literally in his blood, there would be no holding back and no effective recall.

If the utilization cannot be done through hunting, dog sports such as obedience, agility, dog dancing, or disc dogging would be very suitable for the Patterdale Terrier. Important in the selection is the workload of the dog on a physical as well as mental level. Because the intellectual challenge is just as important to him as the physical one.

#1 Why do Patterdales get their tails docked?

Docking the end of the tail eliminates the risk of injury. Working terriers are docked for the same reason.

#2 How do you train a Patterdale terrier to recall?

Practice calling your dog to you every time that he gets several feet away from you. If he does not come when you call him, and you are sure that he heard you, then reel him in with the long leash, have him sit when he arrives, and then tell him "OK" and allow him to go back to whatever he was doing before.

#3 What is the best dry food for a Patterdale Terrier?

Chappie is easily digestible and low in fat. There are a few different flavours including Chappie Original, Complete with Chicken or Beef, and Wholegrain. We supplement Blakes diet with healthy dog treats and cooked sausage or chicken for a special snack.

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