12 Problems Only Yorkie Owners Will Understand

The size of the furry companion also brings an advantage that other dog owners do not have with their large dogs: most airlines allow the animal to be taken along in a box.

In education, the little bundle of energy requires consistent leadership. Many dog owners give in to the dainty and almost fragile appearance and let naughtiness get away with it. If this happens regularly in puppyhood, it will take revenge later. The pack leader is not a man, but a 30 cm tall animal. In order to prevent this, the terrier fan should approach the subject of training seriously and with foresight. In this context, dog boldness is not for a beginner’s hands.

#1 When are Yorkshire Terriers fully grown?

The Yorkshire Terrier is fully grown in the seventh to eighth month of life.

#2 The Yorkshire Terrier has a sensitive digestive system. However, problem-free nutrition can be mastered if it is done correctly.

The dog owner should always keep an eye on a balance of nutrients. An intolerance quickly sets off a chain reaction. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause a large loss of fluids in a relatively short period of time. That doesn't happen with the right dog food.

#3 In addition to the special food for Yorkshire Terriers available in specialist shops, it can happen that the dog tolerates grain-free food better.

Cooked meat or ground raw food may also be on the menu. The food should correspond to the terrier's proportions, both in terms of the size of the pieces of food and the portioning. Additives, artificial flavors or colorings should not be included in dog food.

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