Holiday with the Dog – Important Tips in Brief

Summer is approaching and with it the wanderlust and desire to travel. But what to do with a man’s best friend? It’s best to take him with you and spend the best time of the year together. Animal rights activists have put together a few tips so that traveling with your beloved pet does not become frustrating:

  • Check the entry regulations (vaccination pass!) for pets in the holiday country in good time and find out where dogs are welcome at the holiday destination and where not. This avoids nasty surprises.
  • Fortunately, there are more and more offers for vacationers with dogs.
  • The most suitable means of transport for the dog is the car. Here you can take a break as often and as long as your four-legged friends want and need. Dogs tolerate a car ride best when they can see out and the driving style is very considerate. Pack enough water for your dog and all travelers!
  • Air travel is not recommended for dogs. Small dogs are usually allowed in the passenger compartment but must remain in the transport box, large dogs must be in the cargo hold. This means great stress for the animals.
  • If the journey goes south, the midday heat should be avoided for walks. Hot sand or asphalt is painful for dog paws. It should also be ensured that the dog is protected against various parasites. Sand fleas and other annoying “roommates” can spoil the holiday joy quickly.
  • Before you travel, you should visit the veterinarian for any vaccinations or medication.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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