The 6 Best Tips With Which Dog Owners Can Really Save Money

Choosing a dog as a companion for lonely hours or as a coach for your own fitness is a wonderful idea.

As an additional family member, he inspires, entertains and always puts you in a good mood.

A dog as a friend means not only more responsibility but also a certain amount of expense, which you have to consider in advance!

We have compiled a list for you today of where you can save without sacrificing responsibility and care!

Our savings tips:

Feed costs

It’s no secret that some large dog breeds require more food than a four-legged tiny one.

Apart from the fact that your dog must of course fit you in terms of character and movement, a small dog can be easy on the wallet.

In addition, according to various test reports, the feed does not have to come from the most expensive brand, because this does not automatically mean better quality.

BARF, i.e. species-appropriate feeding with real meat, can also save money for people who buy directly from the butcher anyway or whole animals for storage.


Sad but true, many dog owners are quick to give up their former pets to animal shelters when trouble arises.

Attempts are then made to partially recoup the investment for the dog via resale on relevant web portals.

So if you are looking for dog baskets, blankets, bowls or even toys and care utensils, then please take a look at these portals. The equipment offered there is often almost new, at a fraction of the purchase price.

A price comparison also makes sure. All pet shops or large chains of pet supplies now have a web shop that makes these price comparisons easy.

We’re not in a Turkish bazaar, but if you’re buying a lot of items for an outfit in the same store, be sure to ask for a discount or special offers!

Dog tax

The amount of the dog tax is determined by the municipalities and also depends on the breed.

If you want to go easy on your wallet and you haven’t quite made up your mind about the breed of dog, then there may be an opportunity for savings here.

Listed dogs, even if they are considered wonderful family dogs with successful training and socialization, also tend to have a higher tax rate here!


In all portraits of dog breeds on the Internet, reference is made to the care required. This is not always dependent on the condition of the fur.

In addition to regularly brushing your dog’s hair, the change of coat must also be taken into account, because constantly having to vacuum up dog hair can take up a lot of time.

Dog groomers and veterinarians as well as reputable breeders will be happy to provide information about the right care for your favorite breeds and will also provide help with the grooming ritual for the first time.

Claw, tooth, ear and eye care should not be neglected. You can also save a lot of money if you know how to do it yourself and get your dog used to the various procedures from a young age.

Dog insurance

If you can give your dog the right care yourself, you not only save the costs for a dog groomer, but also for the veterinarian.

Diseases discovered early, due to the weekly care rituals, are easy on the wallet.

Dog insurance with basic care, necessary vaccinations and check-ups can also prevent astronomical bills.

As with the dog equipment, the providers and services of the insurance companies should be compared!

One provider with whom we have had positive experiences in the past is Petplan health insurance. Petplan really insures every breed & age and reimburses up to 90% of all veterinary costs for just €50 a month.

Last but not least!

Of course, adopting a dog from a shelter is less expensive than buying a purebred dog from a breeder!

Apart from that, it saves costs if you can see a health certificate of your loved one beforehand. This applies to buying from a breeder as well as adopting a lonely four-legged friend from an animal shelter.

There are dog breeds, and this information can also be found in our portraits of the individual breeds, which struggle with genetic diseases and are therefore more likely to become patients at the vet.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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