16 Havanese Facts That May Surprise You

The Havanese are grateful for the presence of its people, which is entertainment enough for them. He doesn’t necessarily need to be teased for that. He likes to just sit next to him on the sofa for a moment or cuddle extensively with his owners. But of course, he wants to get attention and sometimes he demands it loudly – but rarely in an exaggerated way. If it does, you can break the habit of it with loving consistency. Especially when you romp around with him because the Havanese is always up for a good game. He usually gets involved when he is already tired.

#2 When ringing the bell, he will probably bark to demonstrate that he also has watchdog qualities, but then curiosity about the guests and joy at their visit will prevail.

#3 He will immediately greet acquaintances warmly and take an open-minded look at people he meets for the first time.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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