16 Pug Facts That May Surprise You

After decades of neglect, the pug experienced an upswing. Today, owning a pug is back in fashion and indeed, these cute dogs make wonderful companions. In a good mood, friendly and well-balanced, they like to accompany their owner everywhere.

Of course, pugs aren’t sports aces. This is less due to their physique, which is not that unsportsmanlike, but to their short muzzle, which can be associated with various breathing problems. In the summer in particular, the pug needs to be protected from excessive heat – especially as a puppy, which can often be quite temperamental. If the temperatures are not too high, the pug is also enthusiastic about longer hikes.

#1 Do your pug a favor and keep him slim. This has a very positive effect on his quality of life.

Besides, a fattened pug really isn't a pretty sight! A pug that is in good shape will quickly win the hearts of those with whom they interact with its velvety soft fur and magical charm. Many pugs snore when they sleep and when they are excited.

#2 When choosing a breeder, make sure that the dogs are lively, lively, agile and have straight legs.

If in doubt, choose an animal with a slightly longer nose, even if it would have less of a chance at a show. Pug eyes require a little more control than most other breeds.

#3 Is a Pug dog a good pet?

These are fairly laid-back dogs, not usually given to extensive barking, digging, or chewing. Pugs tend to get along well with other dogs and are sturdy enough to get along with children. They enjoy the company and can be quite affectionate. True to their grouping, they are good companion dogs.

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