16 Yorkshire Terrier Facts That May Surprise You

Mini-dog breeds enjoy great popularity when a small apartment does not allow large dogs. Yorkshire Terriers are at the forefront of choice. The shaggy coat of hair, petite build, and strong ego create a contrast that many cannot resist. Nevertheless, the character of the dog is not entirely simple. You can find out everything you need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier here.

The Yorkshire Terrier belongs to FCI Group 3 of Section 4 “Dwarf Terriers”. Group 3 includes all terrier breeds in the world.

#1 Today’s Yorkshire Terrier is much smaller than its ancestors.

The four-legged friends were significantly larger several centuries ago. The terriers, also known as Yorkies, originating from Scotland and the north of England, could weigh up to six kilograms. At least that is what records from old documents show.

#2 At that time there were no genetically separated terrier breeds.

A single gene pool was dominant, which the terriers from the earlier working-class settlements appropriated for themselves.

#3 Initially, the Yorkshire Terrier did not lend itself to the working class. Rather, he was considered a lap dog in the house and at court.

Only with the beginning of industrialization did he become a permanent member of the many poor households in the workers' settlements.

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