16 Basset Hound Facts That May Surprise You

The Basset was aptly characterized by a breed expert as a dog of “sluggish liveliness”: On the one hand, he appreciates the comfort of home very much, on the other hand, as a former pack dog, he is able and willing to follow an interesting track with great endurance, enthusiasm and speed follow.

His appearance also shows some extremes within the dog world. He has a relatively high body weight for his shoulder height, so he is actually a medium-sized to large dog with short legs. Holding him on a leash or carrying him up and down several flights of stairs requires a lot more physical strength than other breeds of the same shoulder height.

#1 Its ears are the longest of any breed: held forward, they should touch at the tip of the nose.

Under these circumstances, special bowls should be provided for the basset hound so that the curtains do not have to be cleaned after every meal. And a good dose of humor isn't just needed once the basset hound has spread its saliva threads and paw prints on the new cream-colored silk skirt!

#2 Calmness is the motto for basset hounds – you can’t achieve anything with him with pressure or hysteria.

In addition to his unmistakable appearance, his fans especially love his character. His almost limitless love for people and his gentle, yet stubborn nature make him a lovable companion, but sometimes not easy to lead and never to be trained.

#3 Does a Basset Hound bark a lot?

Basset Hounds bark quite a lot. They have a very loud, baying-like bark, and they use it when they are excited or frustrated. They drool and can be smelly because of their skin and ears.

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