12 Coton de Tulear Facts That May Surprise You

The Coton de Tulear is a breed that is still relatively unknown in Germany. It goes back to the same ancestors as the various Bichon breeds and also resembles them in appearance and behavior. He is a lively little nature boy who, however, needs to be protected somewhat due to his small size and lack of an undercoat.

#1 As a puppy and young dog, he should not be overwhelmed.

However, after appropriate training, the adult Coton can easily be taken on hikes and jogging or trained in agility (mini section). If the owner has sporting ambitions with his dog, the fur should be shortened a bit.

#2 As with all small dogs, you should not necessarily bring him into the house if you have toddlers or small children.

Mother and/or the delicate puppy are quickly overwhelmed!

#3 Basically, the more athletic you are or the smaller the children are, the more robust the Coton should be.

So you choose a puppy whose parents are at the upper limit in terms of weight and height!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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