16 Collie Facts That May Surprise You

Shelties are happy, bright dogs that also look beautiful. The magnificent fur, which unfortunately has recently been bred into somewhat fluffy fur by some overzealous breeders, does make some demands on care. Overall, the Sheltie is a rather easy-care, uncomplicated dog. He is very happy about attention and activity but does not have to be utilized to the same extent as a real working dog.

#1 It is important that he is allowed to be there and is treated lovingly. Shelties are fairly easy to train and obedient.

For some, however, it is important to control a more pronounced urge to bark.

#2 Shelties always stay close to their master. This makes them suitable companions for older people on walks and excursions.

#3 There are quite individual characters in Shelties: from the somewhat reserved, shy dog ​​to the cheeky, cheeky Sheltie to the friendly, extroverted dog, all nuances are represented.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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