12 Of The Very Best Irish Setters Wearing Halloween Costumes

Its graceful beauty has turned the Irish Red Setter, or Irish Setter for short, into a true trendsetter. But this great popularity has not always been good for the elegant hunter: Unfortunately, when moving in an Irish Red Setter, many a dog lover did not consider that the four-legged friend not only needs dog experience but also a lot of time in relation to other dog breeds if you don’t anyway professionally as a hunter in the woods and fields with him.

#1 A look into the beautiful eyes of a setter should probably melt the heart of many an animal lover.

#2 The Irish Setter is undoubtedly one of the most elegant hunting dogs.

This is not only due to the long silk fur in warm chestnut red and his dark eyes, but also to his graceful physique: The long and slender head sits on a muscular neck, with the fluffy hanging ears, the defined eyebrow arches and the pronounced stop adding to the elegant appearance underline. The limbs are sinewy, and the tail is moderately long and set rather low. Legs and bellies are hairier. A setter weighs around 30 kg and is well-proportioned. The height at the withers can be up to 70 cm at the shoulder.

#3 In the home, an Irish Setter tends to be an unassuming, rather reserved, friendly, and docile dog.

But as soon as he puts his paw outside, the setter feels the call of nature: behind the elegant appearance is an excellent hunter who wants to pursue his passion for hunting regularly.

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