18 Amazing Facts About Collies You Might Not Know

For many people, the collie is the most beautiful breed of dog. And indeed: a collie in its beautifully colored fur, with an elegant head and proud bearing, is a captivating sight.

Rough Collie breed;
Other names: Collie, Scottish Collie, Long-Haired Collie, English collie, lassie dog, Rough Collie, Scottish Shepherd;
Origin: United Kingdom (Scotland);
Size Dog breeds: medium;
Group of herding: dog breeds;
Life expectancy: 12-16 years;
Temperament / Activity: Gentle, Loyal, Intelligent, Caring, Active, Friendly;
Height at the withers: Females: 51-56 cm Males: 56-61 cm;
Weight Male: 20.4–29.4 kg Female: 18.1–24.9 kg;
Dog Coat Colors: Three colors, White, Sable and White, Sable Merle, Sable, Blue Merle;
Puppy price is around: €750;
Hypoallergenic: no.

#1 Added to this is his extraordinarily positive image as an almost superhumanly intelligent and self-sacrificing philanthropist, which certainly has its origins in the many Lassie films.

#2 Even if there were and are many collies that have been awarded medals as rescuers, there was enormous pressure on this breed to succeed.

#3 Many spontaneously acquired Collies were expected to be perfect babysitters all by themselves, to understand every word and, of course, to obey promptly.

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