19 Chihuahua Facts That May Surprise You

Chis that have been responsibly bred, are at least 20 centimeters tall and weigh no less than one and a half kilograms are usually robust and healthy. They only occasionally suffer from the usual “small dog diseases” such as kneecap jumping out or cataracts. Some breeds of Chis are also said to be prone to diabetes and heart disease. The owner should check his little friend’s eyes and teeth regularly. In winter he buys the four-legged friend a dog coat so that the “dwarf” does not freeze outside when the temperatures are below zero. In summer he makes sure that the walk is not too strenuous at 30°C. In general, however, the Chihuahua can handle changing conditions quite well if it is a Chi with breed-typical traits.

However, mini Chihuahuas or teacup Chihuahuas are also forced into life by unscrupulous “breeders”. Such a puppy can be born with 60 to 80 grams. These little animals have a lot of health problems and don’t have a great life expectancy, which can be as much as 18 years for a traditional Chi. However, not all minis come from torture breeding. If a bitch of normal weight has given birth to a large litter, there may be one or two very small Chis among them.

#1 Are Chihuahuas Prone to Disease?

No more and no less than other small dog breeds. The mini Chihuahuas (torture breeds) alone are very susceptible to all diseases that are caused by unnatural proportions and their harmful effects on health.

#2 The short-haired variant is extremely easy to care for.

It is enough for her if the owner runs a soft brush along the body from time to time and pulls out loose hair. The care of the long-haired variant is somewhat more complex, but only at the time of the change of coat. Here, too, the dog owner can work with a soft brush or with a comb.

#3 Eyes, ears and teeth should be checked regularly.

The eyes tend to tear sometimes. In this context, the dog owner should make sure that no foreign body has got into the eye. The Chi should only be bathed very rarely. Skin and coat can be brushed clean so skin doesn't get irritated with shampoos.

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