14 Funny Havanese Costumes For Halloween 2022

Dogs are personalities too – with their own preferences, their own habits, and their own quirks. That’s why it’s difficult to speak of the character of the Havanese since every little Cuban has his own mind. Of course, there are also character traits that are typical of the Havanese, and they identify him as an outspoken family dog and loving companion.

#1 The little fuzzy with the silky fur is the joie de vivre that has become a dog, which is expressed in every look and every movement.

Just about the size of a cat, the Havanese embodies a liveliness that not all dogs display. When he's not tired or sad, he's always in a good mood, making everyone around him happy - as long as they allow it. And in most cases it does, because the Havanese infects everyone with his great love of life.

#2 Even dog lovers, who supposedly have nothing to do with “lap dogs” that they ridicule, quickly succumb to its irresistible charm.

#3 And even people who generally don’t appreciate dogs so much, after initial skepticism, start to take the Havanese more and more to their hearts.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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