23 Interesting Things About Havanese You Didn't Know

Although a Havanese always takes the entire family to his heart, he has one main caregiver to whom he is particularly attached. Like all adult family members, he shows great obedience to this one, because first and foremost he wants to please his owners and therefore does almost everything that he thinks could give them pleasure. Of course, this also means that he executes orders immediately.

#1 However, if the Havanese feels treated too harshly or if he finds the reprimanding voice too loud, his compliance can sometimes turn into stubbornness.

If you want to spare your little Havanese, if possible, introduce the dogs to each other before the new one moves in. If they have already played together, ideally several times, the change is usually much smoother. But with the help and a lot of patience on the part of the pet owner, the Havanese will eventually come to terms with the new situation and get along well with his new buddy. He's just too friendly for constant confrontation.

#2 Then he just doesn’t do what he was told to do – you should be aware of these character traits.

#3 Not only does he allow himself to be educated, but in return he also educates his people to show the necessary respect when dealing with him.

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