16 Things All Pug Owners Should Know

A controversial problem area with the pug is its disproportionately large head with large eyes and the short, flat snout. On the one hand, fans love the breed because of its unique face, which corresponds to the child’s schema and thus to a genetic preference for facial proportions in humans. On the other hand, the pug suffers massive health problems due to its anatomy. The snout that is too short makes breathing difficult, which leads to a brachycephalic syndrome (exhausted panting and, as a result, a severe lack of physical resilience). In addition, the oversized heads of the puppies no longer fit through the mother’s birth canal, and because the muzzle is too short, the mother can no longer detach the umbilicus from her puppies. Natural birth is therefore often impossible.

#1 Additionally, 1 in 100 Pugs suffers from Pug Dog Encephalitis, a breed-specific central nervous system disorder that is similar to multiple sclerosis in humans.

#2 Through excessive, irresponsible breeding, some Pugs also suffer from the extremes of a curling rod causing spinal problems, or chronic corneal injuries from bulging eyes that are constantly irritated by hair or a wrinkled nose.

#3 Unfortunately, because the Pug has been bred to extremes for many decades without considering the animal’s health well-being, many representatives of the breed fall under the criteria for torture breeding.

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