12 Things All Japanese Chin Owners Should Know

The height at the withers is about 25 cm for males, females are a little smaller. The weight is not specified in the breed standard. Usually, it is 2-4 kg. 

The basic color of the dog is white with red or black markings. These should be as symmetrical as possible. A broad white blaze is desired as a badge on the face.

The coat is long and silky, the hair is only slightly shorter in the facial area.

The ears, neck, thighs, and tail are very hairy. On the back of the lower limb sections and in the croup area is the so-called feathering, which is also slightly longer hair. The paws are also very hairy.

#1 The Japanese Chin has a fine, graceful build.

It is square in shape, which means that its height at the withers corresponds approximately to the length of its body. Bitches may also be built a little longer.

#2 The skull is broad and round with a slightly pronounced nose.

The stop is deep and notched. The nostrils should be wide open. An underbite is permissible, although a pincer bite is desired.

#3 The large, round eyes should be level with the nose line.

They are black in color and are widely spaced. The long, drooping ears are triangular in shape.

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