15 Things All Yorkie Owners Should Know

If you get a Yorkshire Terrier, you can enjoy your little companion for a long time. Because the little terrier has a life expectancy that can easily exceed fifteen years. With the right diet, health, animal-friendly management, and good care for typical diseases, the dog can live a long life.

The diseases typical of the animal are expressed in


knee injuries;


eye diseases.

In the terrier breed, allergies often show up in the form of skin rashes. Knee injuries are usually referred to as patellar luxations. If the kneecap jumps out of its sliding groove, there is a displacement that can severely impair the natural movement. If the dog puts pressure on the paw, this only happens with pain. Eye diseases can appear with the first signs of aging. Smaller dog breeds are often affected by this form of lameness. Depending on the degree of displacement, a veterinarian can reset the kneecap. If the patella jumps out of its groove several times, an operation may be necessary.

#1 The Yorkshire Terrier does not tend to be overweight. The pet owner does not have to reckon with the resulting diseases. Proper nutrition of the dog is always a prerequisite.

#2 With regard to cold seasons, the small dog with the short legs is one of the frostbite.

He does not like cold and wet. In cold and humid areas, the animal is prone to chills. Protection for the dog when going for a walk may then be useful. When it is hot, the terrier should not wear its coat too short, otherwise, it will be too exposed to the heat due to the lack of an undercoat.

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