18 Things All Beagle Owners Should Know

The Beagle is known for its high gluttony. For this reason, you should already pay attention to an appropriate amount of energy in the food when you are a puppy. Feeding habits can be trained to counteract obesity as early as possible. Even with good training, food should never be left unattended within a Beagle’s reach.

When choosing the right food, you should pay attention to a needs-based and balanced proportion of energy, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. A puppy is usually fed three to four times a day. From the change of teeth, the feeding should be changed to twice.

The amount of food depends on the weight of the puppy and the expected adult weight. The weight of the parent animal of the same sex can serve as a guideline for this. In addition, the amount of food depends on the activity level of the dog. The treats should always be deducted from the daily feed ration.

#1 Start training immediately after purchase or during the phase of getting to know the breeder.

Since the Beagle is a hunting dog, city dwellers should provide ample substitutes for the wild. The dog needs long walks in the countryside. A garden is ideal. However, this should be escape-proof, because Beagles can develop great skill in escaping. However, representatives of this breed are very adaptable, with enough exercise and activity they also feel comfortable in an apartment.

#2 Show him where he sleeps as soon as you take him home. The Beagle puppy learns its name by calling it. Make sure he reacts and talk to him.

The Beagle gets along very well with other dogs and with children. It needs close social contact with humans in order not to wither away mentally.

#3 The young dog needs a specific reference person.

Anyone who expects unconditional obedience in all situations should choose a different breed of dog. Beagles were bred to find a game track or trail on their own, without visual contact and without a guide. By barking loudly and continuously, they show the hunter where they are and from which direction they are driving the game towards them. So the Beagle can't get off the leash everywhere and has a certain stubbornness.

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