14 Things Only Collie Lovers Will Understand

The collie is an uncomplicated dog that actually only has two demands on its family: it wants to live with its family and walk a lot. It is suitable for single people who have enough time to hike with it for two hours a day, as well as a lively family with children. If enough exercise is guaranteed, it can also be kept in a flat. He is an extremely clean dog, has no unappetizing beard, and rarely soils his rear end, as is known from other long-haired breeds. You have to accept that he loses hair. It needs less care than you might think at first glance. In most general dog books, grooming is grossly exaggerated because it is based on appearance and not on practice.

#2 They want to run every day, experience new things and have variety.

In a garden, no matter how large, the collie hardly moves on its own, at most running and barking after a few crows.

#3 As an original herding dog, he needs a lot of exercise, he wants to stretch his muscles and let off steam.

Long walks in the woods and fields are pure joy for the collie because he has no tendency to move away from his owner or even to poach.

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