15 Things Only Sheltie Lovers Will Understand

Collies are very beautiful dogs that always make a dignified impression. Her body is strong without being coarse. Males have a height at the withers of 56 to 61 cm, females from 51 to 56 cm, and the weight is 25 to 30 kg. The head is characteristically narrow, with no prominent cheekbones. The extremities are muscular, the tail reaching to the hocks and carried with the tip raised. The Rough Collie’s coat is very dense and somewhat harsh to the touch but is very soft under the tips of the hair.

#1 Collie care is far less complicated than is assumed.

It is quite sufficient to brush the Collie thoroughly every two to three weeks. However, the care of the inner thighs and behind the ears is particularly important. These areas should be brushed more often as they can become matted quickly. From time to time you should have the claws checked and possibly shorten them.

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