15 Essential Facts About English Bull Terriers

#13 It is better to keep the dog in the apartment, and you can breed it, provided that you can provide it with the necessary physical activity.

In the yard of a country house, the bull terrier will feel fine. In no case should the bull terrier be kept on a leash or in an aviary. This kills the dog's zest for life and intelligence, as well as irrevocably spoils the character. In addition, bulls have almost no undercoat, they do not tolerate cold weather and very hot weather, by the way, too. It is undesirable to spend a lot of time in the sun with white bull terriers because they are prone to sunburn.

#14 The Bull Terrier should not be given to people who have little time or money to keep a dog.

Those who doubt that they have made the right choice of breed or are breeding a dog for the first time. Also, those who are not ready for the long process of training and raising a dog.

#15 Bull terriers are very hardy athletic dogs, which are shown a regular variety of exercises in large quantities.

It is necessary to maintain the motor activity of these animals, as they are prone to obesity, adhering to the unspoken rule: the less exercise - the fewer calories. In this case, the dog must be constantly "pushed" and guided, because the representatives of this breed are somewhat lazy. Daily walks help to keep the bull terrier in shape. They can also be a good company for the owner when jogging. If these animals are often idle, they can quickly develop addictions.

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