19 Interesting Facts About English Bull Terriers

The dog- gladiator, dog-rat, what only epithets do not reward this militant dog his admirers and detractors. English bull terrier – it’s really not an easy dog, with character. It is not suitable for every person, and in some countries, it is equated to carrying a firearm and requires a special permit for its owner. And there are a lot of stories connected with the supposedly horrifying bloodthirstiness of this “monster”. But is it so? Certainly not. People at least once had the happiness to get acquainted with this wonderful dog up close and no way would agree to part with him, because this dog’s love and loyalty, backed by reliability and strength, is worth much.

#1 The origin of English bull terriers goes back to medieval England, when the main entertainment of commoners and aristocrats were all sorts of bloody fun: dogs poisoning bulls, bears, donkeys, badgers, dog and cock fights and other unpleasant for modern man spectacles.

#2 Everyone who is not personally familiar with the breed tends to make up all kinds of horror stories and tall tales about bull terriers. Yes, of course, the breed was bred to participate in dog fights. But it does not mean that only for that purpose it is bought by the modern fans of these dogs.

In fact, how many owners have you seen who want their beloved dog to be maimed or torn apart in the ring. Such owners are few and far between. And dogfighting, as well as bull and bear baiting, are all a thing of the past. Today's owners see bull terriers as a friend and companion, protector and guard, but not as a killing machine. And though such dogs are undoubtedly a fighting dog breed, its present functions are much more prosaic compared to the existing stereotypes.

However, bull terriers are willingly recruited for police and paramilitary duty as security dogs.

#3 Undoubtedly, the representative of the breed is the main gladiator of the canine world.

This is proved by his perfect muscular figure of a fighter, whose body is designed not only exclusively for battle, but created for victory. Of course, the dog is not as big and massive as his fellow Malos type, but he is very agile, bouncy, strong, fearless, and absolutely insensitive to pain, which immediately distinguishes him from the circle of fighting dogs.

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